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Paul & Pilar

(Our Story)

 Experiencing art is what inspires us and brings us together. 

We want to share what we love with you.


We met in New York in spring 2013. Our deep interest in art brought us together and soon after we fell in love. At the time Paul was working as an Art Advisor and I was an Art Director, specialized in experiences. We decided not only to join our lives but our skills and founded CROPP.




CROPP was born of the idea of bringing people together through the experience of contemporary art. We believe that high-quality artworks are not just interesting objects, but triggers for meaningful experiences. When we connect with art, we engage our senses, body, and mind. We are transported to a new place. We are moved, and if at that moment we have the chance to share our thoughts with others, we make the experience even richer.


Approaching contemporary art is not always easy though. One can feel disconnected or even fooled when references are obscure. Without context, finding meaning and forming an opinion can become challenging. 


Our goal is to connect people with high-quality contemporary art and provide curated experiences as an immersive way of learning how to approach art with curiosity and a critical mind. 


CROPP derives from the word crop. As a noun, it can be used to describe a group of related people or a selection or collection of objects. As a verb is a synonym to harvest, to collect, to pick. The double P  is to honor our names.


Our Bios

Paul Vinet



 Head Adviser

Paul Vinet brings a breadth of experience to CROPP as an art historian and advisor. While his formal training began in Paris, he now resides in New York City. In Paris, he was director at Galerie Natalie Obadia, Galerie Karsten Greve and Galerie Anne de Villepoix. While in Washington DC, he served as director at G Fine Art, and most recently, Paul served as a Senior Associate at Suzanne Randolph Fine Arts, an Art Advisory firm based in New York City.


Paul loves discovering new talent and hopes to share his insights with an eager community of contemporary artists and collectors.


Paul holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History, specializing in Contemporary Art, and a master’s degree in Museum Studies, both from École du Louvre.

Pilar Zimmermann



Art Experiences Director

Pilar Zimmermann co-founded CROPP and for the past 4 years she has been leading our experiential program.


Pilar brings a diverse portfolio to CROPP as a seasoned Experiential Art Director in New York City. With a long list of corporate clients throughout the years including, Intel, AMC, Radio City Music Hall, and others, Pilar has shifted her focus to fine art, and hopes to bridge the gap between these two worlds.


As a highlight of her career, Pilar served as Art Director for Michael Jackson’s first ever estate-approved exhibition. Pilar’s work with artists has helped her develop a keen eye for identifying emerging trends and motions in contemporary art.


Pilar hold a bachelor’s degree in Film & Media Arts from the University of Lima, Peru.

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