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Cecily Brown at Paula Cooper, 2017

We help you find high-quality contemporary artworks you love

and are also a worthy investment.


If you are interested in buying an artwork, please contact us:

How it Works

We do not work on behalf of galleries, artists or dealers. Our advice is independent and objective. We work in your best interest, researching artworks that fit your needs through our network. We have contacts in the US, Latin-America, Europe, and Asia.


1. Assesment

We schedule a meeting to identify your needs, understand your aesthetic preferences, discuss where the artwork will be placed and have an idea of your budget.


2. Presentation and Selection

We present you with a selection of artworks that will fulfill your needs and budget. We advise you on current trends, artistic and economic, in the contemporary art world. We revise the selection according to your feedback.


3. Studio or Gallery Visit

Once you pick your favorites we will take you to galleries and/or artist studios to view the work.


4. Negotiation and Transaction

Once you choose your artwork, we negotiate the best price for you. We will then secure your artwork by handling all the necessary administrative processes including certifications, contracts, and insurances. 


5. Delivery

We coordinate the shipping of your artwork.

If you need help beyond purchase, please click below.

For more details and fees, please contact us:

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