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Framing and Installation

Installation at Scholastic, 2017

We help curate, frame and install your artworks.

If you are interested in our handling service, please contact us:

How it Works

We work with individuals, collectors, architects and interior designers who wish to frame and install artworks. Our projects range from a single artwork, painting or sculpture, to a multiple piece salon-style installation.


1. Artwork Assesment and Advice

We schedule a meeting to look at the artworks. We assess their condition, we evaluate framing and restoration needs, if any, and recommend placement. We present you with frame samples and advise on best options to frame and install your work.


2. Budget and Production

On approval of the budget, we coordinate pickup and deliveries to the frame shop,  art conservation studio and schedule a time for installation.


3. Curation and Installation

Upon receipt of all the artworks, we meet at the location. We curate the placement and recommend pairings according to your aesthetics. We proceed with the installation. 

If you need help beyond installation, please click below.

For more details and fees, please contact us:

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