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Sell Artworks

Graham Caldwell at private residency, 2017

We help you find a new home for your artworks.

If you are interested in selling an artwork please contact us:

How it Works

If you are thinking of selling an artwork you own, contact us. We can help you appraise it and connect you with the right buyer. Please note: We do not represent artists. We sell from owner to owner.


1. Contact Us

First please email us a description of the artwork including the name of the artist, year, medium, size, edition number (if applicable) and one or more image of the artwork.


2. Viewing 

After reviewing your information, we will schedule a visit to see the artwork, and eventually establish a condition report.


3. Connection

We will look for a buyer in our network and once we find one we will schedule a visit to see the artwork.


4. Pick up and Delivery

After the transaction is made, we coordinate pickup delivery of your artwork to its new home.

If you need help beyond selling please click below.

For more details and fees please contact us:

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